Of angelic beings

March 23rd 2016
You have certainly had this experience: you were busy with your everyday tasks, thinking of nothing in particular, and suddenly you felt something like a current, a presence close to you, something alive which brought you light, peace and joy. So, what did you do? At such moments, stop all your activities and concentrate on this unexpected visit. These are rare and precious moments, and you must not neglect them and let them pass you by. Heavenly beings come to teach us and enrich our lives. If you don’t stop and receive them the moment they appear, that’s it; you can look for them and beg them all you like, they won’t come back. Or, they may return, but when? You must learn to recognize these visitors and hold on to them for as long as possible, for in no time at all you’ll not have the slightest idea what they came to bring you. Take the necessary time to become aware of what these heavenly visits represent, so that they leave an indelible mark within you.