Creations, inner

Are the only realities

July 10th 2011
You set about building a house: a few weeks or months later, there it is for all to see. But if you decide to create something in the spiritual domain, no one, not even you, can see it. So, faced with no apparent result you become assailed by doubts, and at times you are tempted to abandon everything and involve yourself, like anybody else, in an activity where the results can be seen and felt. Do as you wish, but one day, amid even the greatest success, you will feel something is missing inside. Why? Because despite your many activities you have not touched what is most important; you have not yet planted anything in the world of light, wisdom, love, power and eternity. One day, you will understand that your only real creations are the inner ones, for they are the only ones that have their roots in you. When you leave for the other world, you will have precious stones – qualities and virtues – to take with you in your soul, your heart and your spirit, and your name will be written in the book of eternal life.