Body, the physical

Is easy to satisfy. listen instead to the soul and spirit

April 15th 2016
People tend to think any dissatisfaction they feel can be remedied at a physical level. They act as if this dissatisfaction came from the physical body and so they give their physical body something to eat, something to drink, to smoke, to entertain it, they give it a walk and they lavish all kinds of pleasures upon it. But their poor physical body is filled, saturated, it is suffocating and is complaining, ‘Stop, you’ll be the death of me, don’t binge like this, it won’t make you feel any better.’ But people do not understand the language of their body, and they stubbornly continue, telling themselves that this time possibly they did not find what they were looking for, but that next time they no doubt will. Unfortunately the next time is no different; all they find is emptiness. But still they carry on... In reality the physical body needs very little. The complaints we hear within us come from our soul and our spirit, who never stop begging, ‘I need purity, light, space. I need to contemplate the sun. I need to unite with the Lord, to work for the coming of His Kingdom so that peace may one day reign among human beings.’ These are the voices we must try to hear within us, and we must listen to their requests so that we may satisfy them.