Seek to improve the way it is shown

April 17th 2016
Most people are good-hearted and sensitive, but they have a strange way of showing their sensitivity. When they see an abandoned or mistreated child or poor people dying of hunger, or persecuted in a film or a play, they readily shed a few tears. But on their way home, when they pass a beggar whose wretched face should catch their eye and arouse their pity, they don’t even notice them. And when they get home, they are rough with their children, or don’t listen to them when what they need is attention and tenderness. Yes, it is extraordinary: at the cinema or the theatre people are sensitive, they are touched, but faced with the same thing in life they too often close their eyes and their heart. Humans still have a lot to learn about true sensitivity and how to express it. How many are sensitive to the beauty of the divine world, and when they contemplate it, experience such overwhelming emotion that their whole being is reborn purified and regenerated?