Borrowed and acquired

April 23rd 2016
You are continually in search of new things to know, to see and to hear! There is nothing wrong with this but also make a habit of each day devoting a few moments to connect with the divine world. What you gain in this way you will be able to take with you wherever you go, even to the other world – nothing will be able to take it from you. All you find in books, or knowledge you receive from others, is never truly yours. When you leave the earth you will have to leave it behind, and when you come back again you will have to acquire it all again. When each person is born, they bring back only what they have truly acquired and experienced in their previous lives. Everything else was taken away from them because it did not belong to them: it had been taken from others. Of course, for the short time they are on earth, and thanks to what they have ‘borrowed’, they make the most of the advantages of the earth: they are approved of, complimented and applauded by people who are not so well informed. And when they leave this world, they are poor and naked because they did not acquire anything themselves. And they will come back to earth poor and naked.