Tarot, the

The symbolism of the fourteenth card

April 24th 2016
The fourteenth card of the Tarot is called Temperance. This card portrays an angel holding a pitcher in either hand. From the pitcher in his left hand he is pouring liquid into the one in his right hand below. What is this liquid the angel is pouring? This liquid represents life, the flow of divine life. If he were to interrupt the flow, there would be no more exchange, and life would stop. As for the angel, he represents us. Yes, each one of us is this being who has the power to work with the two pitchers so that the divine world, the spirit, comes from on high to animate, exalt, and vivify our own matter. It is this descent that we are preparing when we strive to rise up through prayer and meditation. Yes, for the downward movement can only happen if it is preceded by an upward movement. Spirit can descend only if we strive to rise up, that is to say, if we prepare the right environment for spirit to manifest through us.