Is given to us thanks to selflessness

April 25th 2016
Those who want to be successful in life must possess certain abilities and must work. But that is not enough. They must also be discerning, knowing what direction to take, who to associate with, and so on. And how do they acquire this discernment? By being selfless. Yes, for selflessness gives humans the faculty to see clearly. Egotism, selfishness and greed, on the other hand, blur their vision and cause them to lose their clear-sightedness. This surprises you?... No, it’s easy to understand: those who are obsessed with seeking their own personal interest see what is happening around them as if through distorted lenses, their egotism and prejudice. And since they do not see reality as it is, what they think they are doing in their own interest they are actually doing to their detriment. For, contrary to what people may think, it is not selfishness that helps them manage their affairs, but selflessness.