Conditions for it not to kill love

April 26th 2016
In order to justify their whims and infidelities, some people claim that marriage kills love. No, marriage does not kill love if a man and a woman know how to relate to each other and seek to discover in one another an expression of the divine world, of a soul and spirit for whom all sacrifices deserve to be made. If they expect the other’s physical body to satisfy them, obviously their love will not last. After all, what is this physical body? Once a man dies, he is just a corpse. Does his wife keep him by her side? No, she has him buried. Yet she loved her husband, and she still loves him. Yes, but it is the subtle aspect, the life, that we love. And that which is alive is the soul, it’s the spirit. The physical body gets older, and after some years we may find it less pleasant and tire of it. Whereas the inner life is always different, always new, like flowing water. As a couple, it is this water that we must try to discover within each other, because it is inexhaustible.