Is always necessary as only that which is essential should be kept

April 27th 2016
People accumulate so much that is useless and even harmful in their head and heart. Why? Because they don’t know how to sort things. They accumulate everything indiscriminately, whether it be good, bad, useful, useless, essential or superfluous. And then they complain, ‘I am trying hard, so why am I not progressing? Why am I not getting anywhere?’ Well, the reason is very simple: they have not yet understood that they must first work at clearing out. Yes, sort out and get rid of all that runs contrary to their spiritual ideal. For it is no use to have an ideal half-forgotten somewhere at the back of one’s mind; one’s entire life must be in harmony with that ideal. People consider it normal to have diverse tastes, needs, projects, points of view and activities. But if they take stock, and analyse them carefully, they will find that many of them restrict them to lower realms of consciousness which, until they abandon them, will prevent them from progressing.