Is based on a science related to the structure of the universe

April 28th 2016
Prayer is not just a simple reaction of naïve and gullible people who, the moment they find themselves in difficulty or distress turn to the Lord, imagining he has nothing better to do than to come to their aid. True prayer is based on a science which has to do with the structure of the universe and its different states of matter. Beyond the earth, beyond water, air and fire, there are regions in space of increasing subtlety, inhabited by spiritual entities. Just as we can draw everything we need for our physical life from the earth, water, air and light, we can draw everything we need for our mental, emotional and spiritual life from these regions too. The universe is a hierarchy. At the summit of this hierarchy reigns an all-loving Being who has distributed everything in such a way that no creature anywhere is left wanting. It is now up to us, by means of thought, to strive to attain these spiritual regions where we may capture all the elements our heart and soul require, and where, in moments of anguish and uncertainty, we may find refuge.