Nature, living

Make contact with it in the morning

May 1st 2016
Disciples of a spiritual teaching learn how to make contact with all the vital forces of nature. When they open their windows in the morning, they start by greeting the sky and the sun. They raise their hand to greet the day and the whole of creation, and this gesture alone enables them to establish a contact. To the trees, the stones, the wind they say, ‘Greetings, greetings!’ and they respond. They greet the angels of the four elements: of earth, water, air and fire, as well as the gnomes, undines, sylphs and salamanders, who all start singing and dancing: they’re happy! From the beginning of the day, by greeting nature you will feel something balanced and harmonizing within you. Much of what is obscure and heavy in you will leave you, quite simply because you will have made contact with the whole of creation and the entities that dwell in it.