The need to protect oneself from harmful entities

May 9th 2016
At night, while you sleep, your conscious awareness is reduced, you are less vigilant and therefore more exposed to psychic attack. This is why you must pay particular attention to your state of mind when you fall asleep. The dark entities need materials and energy for their work, and they find them in human beings, particularly when they are asleep. It’s very simple: during the daytime humans are swamped by their many activities, rushing around, using their energies themselves; but during the night when they are asleep, their energies become available. Of course, there are many people who will never accept that there are evil entities able to come and draw energy from them while they sleep. Well, they are free to accept it or not. But all those who wish to learn to better master their psychic life must accept the existence of these entities and the need to shield themselves from their actions. So, before going to sleep, ask to be protected by the spirits of light.