Dead, the

Their sensitivity to the words of the living

May 11th 2016
All creatures that leave the earth want to be remembered, and of course, above all, it is for their qualities they want to be remembered. There is no greater suffering for the departed than to hear someone mention their faults and wrong-doings. It is torture for them, as if they were being beaten; because in the astral word, they no longer have the protection of their physical body, and the thoughts, feelings and words of living beings are amplified. So the good words are also amplified and delight those who have crossed to the other side: such words are a rain of blessings for them. In all cultures it is customary to speak well of the dead: all bad deeds are left aside and only their qualities and the good they have done are proclaimed, even to the point of exaggeration. This is the vestige of a tradition based on initiatic knowledge. So you too, when you have to speak of people who have left the earth, as much as possible, mention only their qualities and leave the rest aside.