Water impregnated by the universal spirit

May 13th 2016
Dew is water vapour, which, through the effect of radiation from the earth, settles in fine droplets before dawn. From earth to heaven and from heaven to earth, water makes a great circuit. By evaporating into the atmosphere it is purified, because the different layers it passes through are all filters that remove impurities. However, it is said in the treatises of alchemy that one night, when it is finally ready, the universal spirit will come and visit, and impregnate the water with its quintessence. So when it falls again as dew on the grass, the flowers and all other vegetation, the dew is happy because it knows that it brings life. When we think of dew, we tend to focus on the end of its journey: how it comes down to settle on earth. But we should not forget that water first ascended as vapour into the atmosphere before it became dew. And because it first went very high, when it condenses again to settle on the ground, it is the bearer of many vivifying elements.