We will be able to satisfy them by exploring our inner riches

May 14th 2016
Human beings continually experience new needs which is certainly a sign of their evolution. But the greed and voracity which drive so many to seek satisfaction on the physical plane causing them to devastate and pollute the planet, are leading humanity to disaster. And why is it that even those who are aware of this cling so stubbornly to this course? Quite simply because they do not know what they should be seeking, nor where to seek it. They do not know themselves and have never tried to explore their inner world to discover their true riches. If human beings knew that the Creator had placed at a subtle level within them, the equivalent of everything found in the universe, instead of grabbing everything they could lay their hands on, they would nourish and embellish themselves with the riches they would discover within themselves, the riches of the spirit. Not only would they not destroy anything but everything they achieved on the physical plane would be marked with the seal of the spirit.