Spirits of the four elements, the

Like the forces of nature, they are neither good nor bad

May 21st 2016
In themselves, the forces of nature are neither good nor bad: they become one or the other according to how we use them. And the same is true for the spirits of the four elements: the gnomes, sylphs, nymphs and salamanders. All these entities that inhabit the earth, water, air and fire are in themselves neither good nor bad. They accept to be at the service of humans, and are pleased to be given work, but they are never concerned about its goal, whether good or bad. And whoever sets the task, these spirits of nature obey. They submit to the human will which is able to dominate them and this is why so many sorcerers or black magicians engage them for their criminal enterprises. We cannot blame these spirits for obeying because they are like that, they have no moral sense. So it is up to humans to be vigilant and put them to work only in the cause of good.