Those who suffer with it or who lose it must learn to think better

July 16th 2011
‘I always get headaches’, someone tells me. ‘What can I do?’ And I reply, ‘It’s easy, change heads, put another one in its place.’ They look at me in amazement and wonder whether I am making fun of them. No, I am serious: they should change their head, that is, alter their ideas and thoughts, and their head will feel better. Someone else comes to me complaining they don’t know what is happening to them: they are losing their head. Obviously, their head is still on their shoulders, but somewhere along the way they have mislaid their spiritual head, the thinking, reasoning principle that helps them maintain their inner balance. And for this person my advice is to go looking for that head. Neither those who have headaches nor those who have lost their head should accept the situation without doing something about it. And in both cases there is only one solution: learn to think better.