Is more dangerous than other lower tendencies

May 23rd 2016
In some form or other, all humans are under occupation: intruders have moved in on you. Yes, all those habits that are bad for your physical and psychological health, these are the intruders! So, there are countless occupants that humans have to deal with, all the instinctive impulses they have to learn to resist: jealousy, anger, bitterness, greed, gluttony, sensuality, pride, vanity, and so on. But of all the possible occupants, the most dangerous is without doubt laziness. Why? Because it grips the will. You understand what you have to do, you feel you ought to do it, but your willpower isn’t there, and since will is the starting-point for all decision-making, your vital forces are affected. But the day the mind truly understands what is beautiful and good and the heart wishes for it, the will must eventually follow. Then there is freedom!