Discouragement, from observing our weaknesses

A method for overcoming it

May 26th 2016
You will never progress unless you stop to review your life from time to time and go back over what you have done and said, so you can become aware of your inadequacies and your mistakes. Of course, you won’t be very happy about the observations you are forced to make; you will be sad and even ashamed, but it is better than being unaware. And that’s how you will improve. But in order for this discontent not to become a destructive obsession, you need to maintain a balance. How? By feeling good about others. This positive inner attitude will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by discouragement or even despair. Focus on what is beautiful and good in everyone, particularly in those who have contributed, through their talents and virtues, to the evolution of humanity. Take them as models, and then, while you are noticing your weaknesses and inadequacies, at the same time you will be projecting yourself forward into the future. You will even see yourself possessing those qualities you appreciate so much in others, and you will never lose courage.