Customs, border

Also exist in the spiritual world

May 29th 2016
When you commit to the path of true evolution, you are like travellers crossing a border. As you are carrying all sorts of baggage, accumulated over thousands of years, you are stopped by the customs officers who say, ‘My friend, the path is long and rough. These things you have laden yourself with are cumbersome, useless and even harmful. You must leave them here.’ And they force you to get rid of what is heavy and dark and preventing you from resonating in harmony with the purity and light you wish to attain. Crossing the border is not easy, as it is always painful to give things up. But as you wish to ascend, you must accept the cost. If you persevere, soon you will pass through other customs again at the border of another region… until you reach the heavenly land fully liberated and merge with the source of eternal life.