Power, human

Lies in the ability to say no

May 30th 2016
By creating humans in his image, God made them as powerful as he is. Then why do humans behave as if they were so weak? Because they do not know where their strength lies. And it lies not in being capable of making demands, of asserting themselves, but in being able to say no. That means that no one in the world can force them to do what they do not want to do. Even if all hell conspired to make them act against their will, it could not force them to do so. Even God cannot force humans! So, if people knew where their true power lay, they would resist all temptations, all attempts at seduction, and they would never do anything wrong. If they are weak and commit crimes, it is because they are willing to do so. The dark spirits from the invisible world have the power to tempt human beings and test them. God himself gave them this power, but humans always have the power to say no to evil. It is ignorance of their divine origin that makes them so weak.