Be sure to begin well

June 1st 2016
It is important the way things begin, how you make the first gesture or take the first step, what state of mind you are in and what your intentions are. The results you reap throughout your life – the successes or the failures – will depend on how things began. You are surprised: how can a small detail determine a whole chain of circumstances? Just observe yourself. If you start moving when you’re in an agitated state, you unleash chaotic forces. And if you go to work or visit someone in this state, the closer you get to your destination the more agitated you become: you’ll make clumsy gestures, speak carelessly, and then there’ll be a lot of damage to repair, assuming it is possible to repair! If, however, you take the first step in a state of peace and harmony, the further you go the more you’ll feel yourself finding the right attitude and saying the right words. Whatever you do, always be sure to begin well.