Faculties and talents

Protect them by dedicating them to god

July 17th 2011
All the Lord wants for his creatures is that they benefit as much as possible from the riches he has given them. And they will only truly benefit from them if they learn to dedicate them to him. Everything dedicated to God is protected by spirits of light from the invisible world. A faculty or talent you dedicate to God grows, develops; whereas, if it is not dedicated to him, you lose it. Even if in concrete terms you still possess it, it is as if you were already losing it, for you do not derive as much inner benefit from it as you might. Please understand: you can possess great wealth yet be deprived of it, because you have not dedicated it to make really sure it is protected. Every day, you think of protecting any number of unimportant things in your house or elsewhere. So why do you forget to protect your faculties and your talents? Dedicate them to the Lord, and they will be safe.