Truth and nakedness

June 7th 2016
Nakedness is a sign of truth. Yes, only truth is naked. So that you may rise within yourself to the place where truth is laid bare, each of you must become free of everything inside that is opaque and impervious to the divine world. When you achieve this nakedness, you can go very high and receive God’s messages, advice, wisdom, love and help. You must stand naked before heaven, that is to say, stripped of your egotism, your self-interest and your false opinions. The more you strip away, the higher you rise. Then, when you come back down – for you always have to come back down, because as long as you are on the earth you have to perform your earthly tasks – you dress yourself again, that is to say, you again take up your activities, your projects, your relationships with your family, friends and neighbours and so on. It is necessary to clothe oneself for the world and for society, but not for heaven: heaven loves only ‘naked’ beings.