Curved line

Symbolic interpretation

June 9th 2016
A straight line is the shortest path from one point to another, as everyone knows. But is it always advisable to follow a straight line? If you want to cross a town, for example, you will find it difficult to do so in a straight line without bumping into buildings, cars and pedestrians. Similarly, in the vast territory of life, thronging as it is with multitudes of creatures, you will rarely be able to reach your goal directly without clashing with interests contrary to your own. So it is sometimes better to choose a curved line, that is to say, not to walk up to people straight away and say, ‘Here I am. I have plans. Let me through so I can carry them out.’ It is often better to take a more roundabout route and start by going via places where you will not meet any obstacles. And as all opportunities are not equally favourable, wait also for the most suitable time to make your way. This means that to carry out all your good plans, it is better to avoid being immediately assertive and instead use psychology, patience and flexibility. That is what following the curved line means.