Regions where it cannot reach you

June 10th 2016
Sometimes you feel vulnerable, anything negative going on around you upsets and disturbs you: events, others’ behaviour towards you, and so on. In order not to be troubled by negativity, you should escape it by rising to regions where it no longer has any hold over you. You might say, ‘But do these regions exist?’ Yes, they exist within you, just as they exist in the universe, and if you haven’t realized this yet, it’s because you are not used to observing yourself. So, from now on, observe yourself, and you will notice that some events that used to sadden and discourage you, in certain circumstances no longer affect you. Why is this? Have you lost all sense of feeling? No, but at that moment, for some reason, your consciousness has been raised to a level where these events can no longer reach you.This is therefore proof that there are regions within human beings where negativity no longer has a hold.