Religion, true

Find god within yourself, and identify with him

June 14th 2016
Which is the one true God? Which religion is superior to all the others? Do not keep asking yourself these sorts of questions. And, equally, don’t expect to be presented with some God out there to worship. You must look for God within yourself. So long as you seek God outside yourself, there will always be distance and separation between you and you will not find him. And, more serious still, by looking for God externally you separate yourself from your true self. This is why you are unable to find yourself, and you pass through all sorts of contradictory states: one moment you are at peace and the meaning of life seems clear, and then suddenly you are anxious, upset, and everything has become obscure. Yes, while human beings fail to seek divinity within themselves, while they do not work to identify with it, they will grope around and falter as if being pulled in all directions.