Sun’s rays, the

As they penetrate the earth, they can also penetrate us

June 17th 2016
Meditate on the power of the sun which penetrates the earth with its rays. Thanks to these rays the earth is covered with abundant vegetation – grass, vegetables, crops and fruit – the entire world is nourished by this penetration of the earth by the sun’s rays. And you? What do you do under the rays of the sun? Don’t you feel that you can also do something thanks to the sun’s rays? By means of meditation, you can concentrate the rays on yourself which will allow them to penetrate you, just as food, water and air penetrate you. Yes, this is possible: by becoming conscious that the sun gives you its life with its rays, and you prepare to receive them. You open thousands of doors within yourself by which these rays can enter. And not only will you improve your health, you will purify your feelings and illuminate your thoughts.