Lifelong work to enhance its effects

June 18th 2016
The Church teaches that baptism is a purification by water, intended to wash away man’s original sin. After this ceremony, they are admitted into the Christian community. There is of course nothing to be said against the sacrament of baptism, as long as its true meaning is understood. To baptize a child or an adult makes them a Christian of course, but this does not mean that anyone who has not received a Christian baptism is a lost soul, wandering in the shadows. And anyone who has received it must not think that this is sufficient for their salvation; it is up to them to work their entire life to preserve and amplify the effects of their baptism. Let us say a child has been baptized and their original sin has been washed away. This is all very well, but what the priest has placed within them at the moment of baptism, they must work to preserve throughout their life. If as adults, they do not work consciously, daily, and with all their heart and soul to purify themselves, baptism will do them little good. It is up to them to contribute every day to their own salvation.