Seek love in the spiritual plane

June 19th 2016
It is pointless to discuss physical love and spiritual love to decide which is best for humans. It all boils down to what each person’s deep aspirations are. You decide to reduce or even to stop the physical contact with a woman or a man to whom you feel attracted; be aware that it makes sense only if you do so in order better to taste the spiritual manifestations of love. Those who relinquish physical love without seeking love in the spiritual plane expose themselves to great danger, because they are not giving this energy the conditions to manifest harmoniously. Continence and chastity must therefore not be considered as privation. To know spiritual love is not a matter of depriving yourself, but simply of moving upwards, in other words living in the higher plane – in the regions of soul and spirit – what most women and men have been living in the lower plane. Instead of drinking stagnant water, you will drink water from a crystal-clear spring. Not drinking at all would mean death. You must drink, but drink celestial water.