Habit, bad

A pattern you should neutralize with another, better one

January 20th 2011
A bad habit is like a pattern imprinted on our subtle bodies. Once imprinted, it reproduces to infinity. Even if we regret our mistake later, it doesn’t help much: we repeat it… and then regret it again! It is an endless chain of errors and remorse. For the remorse has also imprinted its pattern; this is why it comes back each time after the error but does not help correct it. What should be done, then? Replace the pattern, that is, replace the bad habits by gradually and consciously making the effort to have other thoughts and other feelings and, above all, to behave differently. These changes are like so many new recordings, new patterns, which will succeed in neutralizing the others. They will not erase them, for in nature nothing is erased, but they will be superimposed on them and will affect future behaviour.