Presence, inner

Of those we love is more important than their physical presence

June 29th 2016
Men and women who love each other feel the need to meet, to be close to one another, to live together, all of which is natural. But if their relationship is lacking a true inner dimension, you can already predict that their love will end. When you feel inhabited by the subtle, living presence of someone dear to you, you realize you do not necessarily need their physical presence to feel you are with them. If you strongly feel the need for a physical presence, it means you are distancing yourself from your inner world and are likely to meet with great suffering. For who can tell whether a time may come when you are deprived of the person you love? When you are inhabited by an inner presence, external circumstances have less of a hold over you. This is a criterion: if, when thinking of those you love, you feel as much joy as when you see them, you are free, and this joy never leaves you.