Bread of heaven

The need to nourish ourselves with it daily

July 1st 2016
Sometimes the disciples of a spiritual Teaching find it quite boring doing the same exercises, reciting the same prayers and observing the same rules of conduct day in, day out. So why don’t they find eating the same bread and drinking the same water three times a day boring? Every day they eat more or less the same food so as to be able to learn, work and love, in other words, simply to live. Well, you also need to be nourished on the spiritual plane, and not just by going to a church, temple, synagogue or mosque once a week. To be able to live the life of the soul and the spirit, you have to nourish yourself with the same heavenly food every day. What is a child of God? Someone who knows how to eat the bread of heaven every day. They can feel this bread bringing them life, and they can then give a few breaths, a few rays of this life to all their friends.