The mission of women is to bring it to the earth

July 20th 2011
Moralists have heaped so much criticism on women! Among the main reproaches made is their wish to be beautiful. And yet, it is not a crime; on the contrary. If women did not seek beauty, they would have brought generations of terribly ugly children into the world. It is the mother who passes beauty on to her children; she is the one who shapes them. This is why, throughout the time she is carrying them, she must wish for beauty for them. All those moralists who have condemned a woman’s wish to be beautiful have not understood that it is the task of a woman, of a mother, to bring beauty to the earth. Men do not think much about cultivating beauty – they have other concerns. So if women didn’t think about it!… Women are right, therefore, to seek beauty, so that they can pass it on to their children. They should understand, however, where and how to look for true beauty, spiritual beauty, so that one day they may bring heaven down to earth through their children.