Body, human

A text composed of letters supplied by the four elements

July 6th 2016
The human body is like a text composed in a printer’s workshop. In the days when printers still used lead characters, the letters were kept in separate compartments, and the printer would take them out and put them together to form words and phrases, resulting in a novel or a book of poems. And texts composed in this way were then reproduced in their hundreds or thousands. In a similar way, the human body is a book made up of ‘characters’, that is, of particles derived from the four elements, from all the kingdoms of nature. Depending on its degree of evolution, the soul that lives in this body fashions it into a book that can be either magnificent, mediocre or downright awful. And everywhere this body goes, it leaves imprints, traces, like so many copies of itself. Then, one day, the letters in this book separate and return to the earth, water, air and fire, from which they came. Nothing remains of the body. But the soul that inhabited it is alive, and it leaves to write other texts in other regions of space. The name we give to this decomposition of a text that was previously composed and will later be composed anew is ‘death’. We have simply agreed to call it death. How many times we have all already experienced this transition!