Sexual energy

Channelling it to send it up to the brain

July 10th 2016
A dam does not prevent water from flowing. Anyone building a dam on a river knows they must provide other channels for the water to flow through, otherwise there will come a time when the water will overflow and take everything with it. The same phenomenon occurs in human beings. If they try to suppress their instincts, particularly the sexual instinct, tension builds in the subconscious until one day the dam bursts. Then they are submerged, they can no longer control anything, and they may allow themselves to do things that create irreparable damage. We should not waste our energy, but neither should we block it. The solution is to open pathways that will allow our energy to irrigate all of our land – like the Egyptians in the past, who dug canals so that the waters of the Nile would make their country fertile. The truth is that Cosmic Intelligence itself has installed channels in human beings through which their sexual energy can be directed to the brain. Just because anatomists have not yet discovered and described these channels does not mean they do not exist. So it is up to you to discover them and to work with these energies so as to become ever more lucid, intelligent, strong and creative.