The wonderful one found in the human soul

July 12th 2016
How many men and women are so busy satisfying their physical and material needs that they are no longer even aware of the presence of another world within! Their soul and spirit have become foreign lands to them. Even if they hear them mentioned, it means nothing to them: the words are devoid of meaning. And so they wander as poor unfortunate beings across the arid land of their inner world. Those wanting to get out of this wretched situation must do all they can to change the nature of their needs and seek the meaning of their life in the subtle regions of the soul and spirit. When they reach these regions, they will at last experience true life. In one of Master Peter Deunov’s songs, he speaks of a ‘wonderful country where rivers flow, flowers blossom, fruits ripen, birds sing and men and women live as brothers and sisters’. You will say that this wonderful country cannot be reached, but it can – it is found in the human soul.