We must nourish our psychic and spiritual ones, because we will be living in them in the beyond

July 13th 2016
Human beings come to incarnate on earth only for a very short time. They have to learn and work there for a few years, and then they leave. The way you see your life can only be correct and complete if you learn to include what we call death. For your life is not merely the period you have come to spend on earth. Your life is very long, infinite, a succession of comings and goings between here below and the beyond. Yet, even while you are living on the physical plane, you live not only in your physical body but also in your psychic bodies (the astral and mental bodies) and in your spiritual bodies (the causal, buddhic and atmic bodies). You must learn how to nourish these spiritual bodies, otherwise something very precious will be missing in your present life. And, most importantly, when you leave for the other world, you will be living in these bodies, and if you have not nourished them you will feel puny and powerless.