A circular path

July 15th 2016
A careless person drops pieces of glass on a path and fails to pick them up. Someone else will do it, they think – it doesn’t matter if anyone cuts themselves. And they go on their way. But what they don’t know is that human destiny is not linear – its path is circular. The example of broken glass is an image to explain that those who have sown danger will one day have to suffer the consequences. If they dig holes or lay traps along their path, the law is such that they will come back to exactly the same place and fall in those holes or traps. Then they will have time to mull over their misadventures, to complain that there are wicked, stupid people and try to find out who they are! They will of course have forgotten they did it themselves. Those who spend their life saying, ‘I don’t care what happens after I’m gone’ are creating all the difficulties that will some time or another block their path.