Using them for spiritual work

July 19th 2016
You have all experienced moments of joy and happiness. Well, seek out these moments. Even if there were only three or four in your life, or only one, return to them often: recall the place, the circumstances, the people… Try hard to recover the same thoughts, the same feelings, the same sensations. Gradually you will have the impression you are reliving these states, with the same intensity as if you truly were experiencing them here and now for the first time. It is always what you feel inside that is most important, not what comes from outside. So seek out all those times when you understood and felt the beauty and meaning of life. Make all such moments available for times when you will need them. This gives you yet another way of working. And even ensure that you have a choice of memories. For just as a certain piece of music is better suited to your inner state depending on the circumstances, so a particular memory will help you more than another and bring you what you need at the time.