Master, spiritual

Teaches his disciples that salvation lies within

July 21st 2016
True freedom for human beings lies in their God-given potential to find everything within. This is what a spiritual Master strives to impress on his disciples. So people are very much mistaken if they imagine a Master to be a despot, solely concerned with imposing his power and his convictions on others! In fact he has no wish to impose anything on them. Or, rather, if he does have a conviction to impose on them, it is that their salvation rests entirely with them. And he shows them methods to practise and experiments to do, and he sets them an example. Once they have been taught and everything has been explained, it is up to them to get down to work. Imagine an excellent cook has given you some recipes, and you also have all the ingredients, bought from the best shops. If you do not decide to go into the kitchen and prepare at least one dish, you will have nothing to eat. It is the same with spiritual life. Once the path is open to you and you have the methods and the example of your Master, you should no longer count on anyone but yourself.