Mediumistic faculties

Why those who possess them must develop their masculine principle

July 23rd 2016
Why are so many people psychologically unbalanced? Because they have over-developed their feminine side, which is passive and receptive. They leave themselves open to all influences indiscriminately, and after a while they feel totally lost. They should turn to analysing themselves and studying how their inner life is affected by the influences they have received, keeping only those that prove to be beneficial and dismissing the others. Put another way, they must develop the masculine principle, which is also present in them. People with mediumistic gifts, in particular, should learn to develop the masculine principle, as these gifts are specifically feminine, inasmuch as they imply receptivity. The crystal ball that some clairvoyants use as a prop is the equivalent of the feminine principle in nature, that is, water. The medium is receptive to the spirits and currents of the invisible world. But these spirits and currents are not all light-filled, pure and helpful. So it is important that psychically sensitive people learn not only to distinguish between them but also to develop their own will, which is a masculine principle, so that they can repel the dark spirits and currents.