Seeking to establish relationships with all its inhabitants

July 26th 2016
If creation is to become eloquent, alive and meaningful for you, you have to learn its language. Your whole life must be directed toward this end: to communicating with nature and its inhabitants. And these inhabitants are everywhere: in water, in the air, in the earth, in fire, in the mountains and the trees, in the sun and the stars… everywhere! And they greet us, signal to us, but who sees them? And who sees also that the universe is made of a luminous substance, through which travel rays of indescribable beauty and colour? If you want these inhabitants to accept you, to support and protect you, prepare yourself to enter this vast world with your care, your understanding and your love. You already live in this world, you walk in it, but you must open your awareness to it and remove the veil that is preventing you from seeing it.