Analogy with the human heart

July 31st 2016
We have a heart, and nature also has a heart. According to the law of analogy, this heart is the ocean. Nature offers its heart, exposes it to the sun and says, ‘My Lord, I give you my heart, my blood. Take it so that plants, animals and humans may live in plenty.’ And the sun takes a part of this blood, raises it up to itself and fills it with spiritual gifts. When this blood later comes back down to earth, all beings benefit from it and rejoice. Each day initiates reproduce within themselves the ocean’s gift to the sun. They open their heart to the Creator saying, ‘Lord, I give you my heart.’ This ardent prayer, this sacrifice made in the human heart, is similar to the one that occurs in nature. Through the sublimation of their love, of their blood, humans encounter the sun, which is an image of God, and this encounter enriches them with new essences, divine essences, which are communicated to their whole being.