Truths, spiritual

Giving them flesh and bone

August 3rd 2016
Spirituality is such a vast, rich and complex area that after years of practice many people still do not know how to find their way in it. But who says they have to venture into the most mysterious arcane knowledge of Initiatic Science? They can focus on very simple methods, choosing an elevated thought or feeling, for example. Let them give it all their attention, all their love. They will be, as it were, ploughing a furrow in their soul, and once the furrow has been ploughed, it will be easier for them to make progress. Spiritual life is about putting flesh and bone on the teaching you receive. The word ‘spirit’ contained in the adjective ‘spiritual’ should not be used as an excuse for all kinds of wild imaginings. The most important word in the expression ‘spiritual life’ is ‘life’ – yes, living, that is, making divine truths a reality, giving them form so that they exist within you. You must be like an engraver inscribing characters or an image in metal. You are this metal, and the characters are words like ‘love’, ‘light’, ‘peace’, ‘kindness’, which will eventually become etched in your being.