In sages is inspired by their faith in the power of the spirit

August 4th 2016
Where does the serenity that radiates from the face of great sages come from? Simply from their having conquered the fear of loss. They have raised themselves to a peak where they feel something indestructible within them that can never be taken from them. Whatever happens, a true sage knows that the only reality, both in him and in all beings, is that peak beyond the reach of evil, safe from all trials and tribulations: the spirit, the spark given by God to us his creatures. But how can we reach this peak? By working on ourselves, by purifying our thoughts and feelings, so that little by little we dissolve the opaque layers that separate us from this spark and prevent us from sensing it as the only reality. What religion calls providence stems from the certainty, deeply held by the few beings who have experienced it, that something within them is absolutely safe from harm and beyond all vicissitudes.