Knowing who to place it in

August 6th 2016
One of the feelings people most often experience in relation to others is disappointment. Why? Because they imagine they will encounter people who are prepared to fulfil their expectations to the letter. You will say, ‘But I need friends, I need help, I need people whose advice I can ask!’ Yes, that’s understandable, but at least learn how to choose them. People are what they are; it is not wise to expect more from them than they can give you, and it is even less wise to reproach them if they do not give it to you. There are people to whom you can entrust any kind of work, and it will be done; others with whom you can safely leave your house and even your wallet, knowing they will not touch anything; others with whom you can share your business and most intimate secrets, and they will never betray them. Only, it is up to you to really think about what you can trust each person with.