Connects the physical body with the whole of nature

August 8th 2016
Beyond what we can see, our physical body is equipped, as it were, with etheric antennae, which enable it to communicate with the whole of nature by emitting and receiving waves. It has been known since earliest antiquity that the naked body possesses magical powers, which it loses when clothed. So by exposing themselves naked to the influences of the earth, the air, water and the sun, men and women receive energy currents they can use for their psychic work. But you should also know that these antennae the physical body is endowed with attract good and bad influences indiscriminately. So, if you expose your naked or near-naked body, like on the beach in summer, you should be careful. Exposing your body in this way will only be of benefit to you if you know how to close yourself to all the negative, dark currents and open yourself only to those that are light-filled and divine. And once again, the way you will be able to protect yourself is by working with your thoughts.