Words we say

Receive their power from the substance of our aura

August 11th 2016
If you would like the words you say to touch human souls and lead them onto the right path, be aware that they must be imbued with the luminous substance of your aura. As long as you allow shadows to hang about in your aura, your words will not be persuasive. We often meet people who are surprised at their inability to convince others they should be good, generous, honest, fair and pure. They have the arguments, they express themselves well, so why do others not listen to them? Because they speak without experiencing deeply what they are saying. Their words ring hollow, as they are not filled with the subtle substance of the aura, which is the quintessence of what each person lives and experiences deep down. If you want to be convincing and persuasive, your life and your words must match, because it is from your life that your words draw their power.