Human beings

At the boundary between the higher and lower worlds

August 12th 2016
Why are human beings capable of the best and the worst? Because their consciousness places them at the boundary between the higher and lower worlds. If they are not vigilant, if their consciousness is not awake, the dark forces begin to gain the upper hand. But if they link up with the forces of the higher world, they become channels for beneficial currents. As soon as we are aware of this, we realize how important our place in the universe is, for it depends on us whether it is the doors of light or of darkness that open. Since we find ourselves at the boundary between the two worlds, each one of us contributes through our attitude to the manifestations of good or evil on the earth. Just as the sun is the door for the divine forces in the solar system, so we can become doors for solar forces on earth. So we have a sublime mission to fulfil in the universe.